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Alumni Weekend 16 - 17 - 18 2021

Alumni Association Board of Directors met August 29 and decided
That the Pandemic prevents any possible fall scheduling
of Alumni events, compelling the Board to focus fully on 2021.

The Alumni Association Board met Saturday August 29 to discuss the impact of having had to cancel the July 2020 Reunion and the possibility of scheduling some outdoor Alumni events in October.

The discussion was clear that we could not schedule anything that included a reception or gathering indoors. And the feeling of all directors was that we could not reasonably invite alumni to travel to Sidney from other cities or states, first, due to intra-state quarantine rules and second to possibly be part of causing the spread of the virus.

The Sports Hall of Fame and Wall of Fame Induction events which require large group social gatherings are fully postponed until 2021.

There was considerable discussion about initiatives to plan golf, cornhole or canoe/kayak events this October - outdoor events that perhaps could be achieved with appropriate social distancing. We learned that Cornhole is officially banned by the state and that our vendor for Canoe/Kayaking was currently understaffed and unable to commit to being able to service this event.

There was a long discussion about having a golf tournament but the consensus of the board was that to have a local only golf tournament at this time and during these conditions was not conducive to the full and heady SCSAA mission and vision 'to serve' and serve well alumni, school and community.

The board voted to officially suspend the planning of all Alumni events for 2020 and to concentrate to plan a 2021 Reunion that would properly and safely celebrate Alumni bonding and kinship and honor the SHOF and WOF inductees of both 2020 and 2021. Alumni Reunion dates are July 16th-18th, 2021

* * *
The Alumni Association has many accomplishments in 2020 and has well-served its members, the school and the community.
  • Giving a grant in conjunction with United Way to create a Sidney area Covid-19 Fund to serve area non-profit organizations

  • Purchasing the touchscreen for the monitor to be placed in the high school eventually connecting all alumni to other alumni and to high school students in search of experience and careers

  • Making a grant to the Sidney Library as a Sponsor for a high-tech community event board

  • Producing Career Day for Sidney students grades 7-12

  • Producing workshops for twenty-eight class and student council leaders

  • Donating five scholarships and two academic/achievement awards to Sidney students

  • Donating five scholarships to Teen Institute - a student energized organization for students to help students to avoid the destructive diseases of alcohol, drugs and depression

  • Sponsoring School yearbooks for students who cannot afford them

Your Annual Alumni Membership dues make it possible for SCSAA to serve and continually bring together Alumni, School and Community

SCSAA Board Meeting Dates:
Alumni Room, Middle School
January 16 2021 @10am
March 27 2021 @ 10am
June 19 2021 @ 10am


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