Rules and Regulations for Nominations to the
Sidney Central School Alumni Association
'Wall of Fame for Distinguished Alumni and Educators'


A nominee must have attended Sidney Central School for not less than 10 years or must have taught in the Sidney Central Schools for not less than 15 years. Any waivers must be unanimously agreed by the Selection Committee. A nominee would have to have achieved unusual distinction in one or more of the four categories.

Nomination Process

Nominations must be submitted in writing or by email or by a WORD attachment, preferably not handwritten. The nominating party must complete a basic form giving pertinent contact details of both himself/herself and of the candidate to be considered: name, complete address, business and residence telephone numbers, graduating class.

The nomination must also include a written statement giving the activities and accomplishments of the candidate, the reasons to be considered by the committee and listing the names and contact details of three supporting nominators.

The Selection Committee maintains the right to solicit nominations and in time will endeavor to consider alumni as far back as 1929 when the high school, now the Civic Center, was built. No active member of the Committee may submit a nomination.

Receiving & Screening Applications, Announcements and Inductions

Announcement of Criteria and Process: April 1
Availability of forms for nomination: Alumni Weekend 2004
Period during which nominations will be received: September 1-December 1
Selection Committee screens all applications: January 1-March 31
Committee recommendations to the SCSAA Board of Directors: April 1
Induction Luncheon for 'Wall of Fame' new members: Alumni Weekend


Inductees will select someone to introduce them; have an opportunity for an acceptance speech; receive a plaque identical to the one that will hang on the 'Wall of Fame' in the Sidney High School and that will be displayed on the SCSAA website. Plaque will acknowledge the accomplishments of each Inductee.

Selection Committee Process

The process will be finalized and announced at the 2004 Alumni Weekend but will include the following: Members will independently study and rank all applications; Members will meet and discuss determination of top candidates based on the aggregate of the independent rankings; Selection Committee will select by unanimous vote between 2 and 5 candidates to be approved by SCSAA Board of Directors; A person can be nominated more than once if not originally chosen by resubmitting the nomination including any new or additional information. The committee will keep all applications in a permanent file for reconsideration.

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