Criteria for Nominations to the
Sidney Central School Alumni Association
'Wall of Fame for Distinguished Alumni and Educators'


An alumnus/alumna who excelled academically in Sidney and in undergraduate and graduate education, earning graduate and post graduate degrees (perhaps Magna Cum Laude or Summa Cum Lauda) and who may have won honors or other awards for academic excellence; and then used that excellence in education to achieve important scholarly results in their career and to put that excellence in the service of others, acknowledging the underpinning of their SCS education making their success possible.

A teacher, counselor, principal, superintendent or other administrator in the Sidney School System, no matter at what grade level, who spent more than 15 years in the system and who regularly inspired their students to reach their academic potential and to become civic-minded or at least responsibly-minded in their conduct with others. Advisors to clubs and extra-curricular activities may be considered as well as an aura of 'mentoring' recognized then and now by their students.

Leadership/Quality of Life

An alumnus/alumna who has demonstrated leadership in a distinguished manner, making a difference on the quality of life for others via their activities and influences and achievements in business, military, entertainment, sports, science, medical, political, governmental, environmental or other spheres of their careers and lives. Particularly individuals who have provide extraordinary leadership in Sidney or who have made their mark after leaving Sidney and who may have won citations, prizes, honorary degrees or excellent approbation in their chosen field regionally or nationally.

Community Service

An alumnus/alumna who has spent most of his/her life in Sidney starting or owning a business, volunteering for charities or clubs or civic organizations, or performing unusual service in the clergy, demonstrating continuing leadership in the community, or the proud possessor of awards or prizes or recognition for meritorious service. Demonstration of love for and service to Sidney would be a paramount criteria. This criteria could also apply to an individual who demonstrated love for and service to the community in which he/she spent his/her adult life or to causes distant from Sidney and perhaps larger than might be possible in Sidney.


An alumnus/alumna recognized for the unselfish giving of their time and monies to help enhance an element of life for Sidney residents, or who has provided scholarship, endowments, funding to community projects, buildings, arts, youth activities, festivals, or who has provided regular and continuing support civic-minded or humanitarian organizations. An individual who determinedly 'gave back' to his community. This criteria could also apply to an individual who 'gave back' to his college or university or to the community in which he spent his adult life or to causes distant from Sidney and perhaps larger than might be possible in Sidney.

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