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  June 4th 2008 

Your Sidney Central School Alumni Association, and specifically the Sports Hall of Fame Committee, recently donated a new scorer’s table for use in all sporting events that take place in the SCS high school gymnasium.

An official "unveiling" and dedication was conducted during the 48th Annual Athletic Banquet held at the gym on Tuesday, June 4. We are proud to say that the administration extended an invitation to the SCSAA Board members and Hall of Fame Committee to enjoy the traditional chicken barbecue (from Brooks of Oneonta) as well as the presentation of athletic awards for the evening.

Sports Hall of Fame Board Members

In attendance were Bonnie Curtis ('59), Josette Woodyshek-Wood ('93), Doug Quinney, Terri Theobald ('81), Tony Zieno ('71), Floyd Fisher ('59), Jim McIntyre ('60), and Greg Davie ('76) who made the presentation on behalf of the Alumni Association.

The unveiling

The table (see photos) is ten feet long, is padded on all sides and features a bright message in front that reads "Sidney Warriors" in large lettering, and "Donated by the Sidney Central School Alumni Association" along the bottom. It is the latest in a series of major items that the Sports Hall of Fame committee has provided for the school. Those of you who attend the record-setting 5th annual HOF Induction Dinner last September will be glad to know you were a part of the process. The money raised in 2007 from sponsorships and sports auction matched almost exactly the amount needed for this table!

The New Score Keepers Table

The 10-person Hall of Fame Committee, along with Sidney Athletic Director Eric Race, worked for months to design the ideal table that best suited the needs of the school. The committee would like to thank Mr. Race for his help and energy in getting the scorer’s table project completed in time for the Athletic Banquet.

Chairs for Score Table

In past years, proceeds from the SHOF inductions have resulted in the purchase of new computerized field-lining equipment, custom "Warrior" chairs for indoor sports, and the lighted portion of the scoreboard at - as well as the naming of - "Sidney Alumni Field". These efforts have led to a resurgence of school spirit and enthusiasm, as witnessed by the dedication of Alumni Field in 2006 and the Homecoming celebration of 2007.

Here is yet another example of how the community, alumni and school can work in partnership to promote the rich traditions at Sidney Central School. Go Warriors!!

Article written by Greg Dave '76 Chairman